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At Convertible Service, OUR top pivot cylinders are manufactured according to the original design by forming an all metal, one piece case. This process eliminates the possibility of leaks from the lower part of the cylinder (which is a common problem with the crimped-together type). The result is …. A more reliable cylinder. Our cylinders are MADE IN THE USA and carry our industry leading 5 YEAR WARRANTY!

On other reproduction top pivot cylinders the ports which receive the hydraulic hoses from the pump/motor are made by screwing in pre-fab external brass fittings which protrude as much as ¾’s of an inch further than the originals and create clearance problems when you try to mount them in the car. Our cylinder castings are formed with the port built into the castings. They fit right into the car, just like the originals did!


Based on ours years of experience and response from our customers, we recommend replacing both cylinders over just replacing the one that’s obviously bad.

1. A common reason for replacing a cylinder is that it is leaking fluid. If only one new cylinder is installed, the remaining old cylinder, being suddenly required to operate in a tight, leak-free system under factory pressure, will frequently begin to leak, too.

2. Teaming a new cylinder with an old one can also cause unequal lifting force applied to the left and right sides of the folding top frame, which could, in time, distort the folding frame or cause the pivot points to wear unevenly.

3. Some older factory top cylinders were designed with a longer stroke than necessary, so that same cylinder would fit in several different size cars. If the operator leaves his finger on the top switch after the top is all the way up, the hydraulic system is pushing against a dead stop, which can cause the cylinder rods to bend permanently. For these models, Convertible Service has designed shorter cylinders which will push the top all the way up, but no further. Naturally, it is not a good idea to match new correct size cylinder with and old one that is too long.

Convertible Service will gladly sell you as many or as few top cylinders as you want. But for the above reasons, we recommend that cylinders be replaced in pairs